Lifeboat Open Day 2015

Sunday May 3rd 11am-3pm

Come Visit us at our Mayday Event

Southend-on-Sea Inshore Lifeboat Station will be open to the public on Sunday the 3 May 2015, from 11am to 3pm. There will be a Lifeboat and Hovercraft launch and operational demonstration at 1:00pm. Visitors will have the opportunity to speak to volunteer crew members and to watch videos of RNLI Lifeboats in rescue action. There will also be something for the kids, as well as the opportunity to get up close and personal with our stations lifesaving equipment. On the day an information stand will be in operation on the pier, with the opportunity to purchase our special “Yellow Welly” badges and souvenirs. For those of you venturing down the pier, don’t forget to visit our lifeboat shop. So come along and give us your support on our mayday event. Please note: The event is subject to normal operational commitments.
Just before 1pm, we'll be clearing the launch area, where we will go through the launch procedure, followed by a water demonstration with the Southend RNLI Hovercraft and Lifeboats.
*Subject to Operations".

Pressure Mounts on Crew Fitness!

The Sustainable Transport Group Supply New Bike Shed

Crews visiting the Lifeboat station are encouraged to cycle to the station now thanks to a new bicycle shed that has been funded through the Sustainable Transport Group of Southend Borough Council.
This fantastic addition to our Inshore facility makes perfect sense given our position in relation to the seafront cycle lane which our crews use regularly. Many thanks to everyone involved in this acquistion.

Pressure Mounts on Crew Fitness!

The Sustainable Transport Group Supply New Bike Shed

Crews visiting the Lifeboat station are encouraged to cycle to the station now thanks to a new bicycle shed that has been

Welcome William Henderson

Southend takes delivery of latest type of D-class

D-boat swap

Southend have done very well on the D-boat front this week. Last week saw D-682 go in for a maintenance swap and today arrived D-771 in replacement of D-633.
The new D-class has the same power (50hp) but comes with the latest modifications to the bow storage unit (aka the pod).

D-Boat swap

Inshore D-class swapped over for maintenance service

D-boat swap

This week saw our Inshore D-class Lifeboat, D-682 swapped over for D-680 for a maintenance service back at Poole. Next week will see the offshore D-class also exchanged but this will be for the next generation of D-class that is being rolled out across the UK.
This will put Southend RNLI in the very unusual position of having 4 different class of Lifeboats on station!
Combine this with the new buggies that we are also due to have and you can imagine how busy training nights are about to become.

The Great Heave-Row

Burnham on Crouch Lifeboat pay a visit to Southend

Burnham at Southend

Southend played host to the last leg of Burnham on Crouch Lifeboat's 4 day Big Heave-Row fundraiser.We sent crew out to assist with the final heave along the Golden Mile but it was the buffet and drinks back at station that the Burnham crew were most pleased to see we reckon!
This was a phenomenal effort by our flank station and it is your generosity has seen their target smashed out of the park. Thank you to everyone who supported this event. Never too late to donate to this one folks!

Quiz Night

The Broker

Many thanks to management and patrons of The Broker public house in Leigh on Sea. The proceeds from the night raised over £200 on the night for the Southend Lifeboat.
Even though we fielded a few teams from within our own ranks, none were prepared for the high standard of interlect that this pub clearly attracts!

Open Day 2014

June 8th 12:00 to 16:30hrs

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Thank you to everyone who came along. The sun came out for us and the crews certainly had a great time showing you all the kit that your donations have bought. See you back we hope next year.

It's Official...

Southend Lifeboat is the busiest coastal Lifeboat station for the second year running

With over 140 Shouts,a third of which were Hovercraft taskings, latest statistics just released show Southend to be the busiest station on the coast for 2013.
This underlines, we think, the investment in the Inshore boathouse, which has improved launch times, made launching easier and safer and helped 'attract' Lifeboat personnel to the premises when not necessarily on duty. Not only has this occassionally resulted in some astonishing launch times but also very much added to a 'club' feel for the station and morale has never been so high.
We never wish for a busy year but we do prepare for one and our thanks go out again to all those who helped make doing our job a slightly easier one.

Capsize Practice

The RNLI dedicates one of it's ex-fleet D-boats for the sole purpose of training crews around the coast how to deal with an inversion of the lifeboat. This is so important as it is this class of lifeboat which tips more than any other craft in the fleet.
The D-class lifeboats have a powerful engine on what is quite a light boat. Combine this with a choppy sea and a good breeze and there is a lot of scope for even an experienced helmsman to get caught out.
So the first thing we learn is how to minimise the chances of a capsize in the first place.However, if we do get caught out,and thankfully this is very rare around our waters, it is very confidence boosting to know that it is possible to get righted very quickly and be able to be underway again after the procedure of re-starting the engine.
Of course we would have radioed in our circumstances well before undertaking that. Thank you to Tom for the picture who was sitting in the luxury of the drivers seat on the Atlantic 75 as safety boat for the duration of the Exercise.

RE House Pier Walk

This motley crew held a sponsored walk on the pier last year dressed as pirates and raised £333.00 for the modifications to the boathouse.
Many thanks to all those who sponsored the walkers and those who took to the planks.


Replacement B class Lifeboat and Boathouse modifications targets reached.

The Southend-on-Sea Lifeboat Station takes delivery of its new Atlantic 85 in 2015. This new lifeboat has been paid for by just one individual, who we cannot thank enough for their generosity. To house our new lifeboat correctly, modifications to the launch capabilities of our offshore boathouse are needed. These are budgeted to cost £250,000, of which the crew and fundraisers of Southend-on-Sea were asked to raise £50,000. Through the generosity of a number of legacy payments to the RNLI, including those from Mrs Joan Margaret McLaughlin and Mr Ronald Austin Whittingham, the fantastic donation by one individual to the Southend-on-Sea appeal, and all the other fundraising events, pledges and donations, the Southend-on-Sea crew & fundraising team are delighted to announce that the total amount of £250,000 has now been raised. Therefore, all those connected with the Southend-on-Sea Lifeboat Station, along with the wider RNLI team, would like to officially thank everyone who contributed to the raising of these vital funds. Thank you...

A Massive Haul From Chelmsford Angling Association

Competition raises £1300 for the Lifeboat

When Ash, one of our Lifeboat crew, isn't out on the Lifeboats, he is often to be found on the banks of some lonely pond in some corner of Essex, often in the cold pouring rain attempting to catch fish and then throw them back in again. But don't feel sorry for him - he does this on purpose! Thankfully he also has quite a few friends who do the same and that relationship has yielded the RNLI some £1300 as the Chelmsford Angling Association elected to make the Lifeboat a beneficiary of their recent charity fishing competition.
Many thanks for the funds and to the sponsors of the competition DT Baits and Bevan Tackle and all who were part of this very successful event. Here is the official press release. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Sea Ranger Association

Sea Ranger Ship Solebay

The Lifeboats had been booked to visit our good friends at SRS Solebay for quite sometime now. The visit was not only to thank the members of the group who formed the Guard of Honour for HRH The Duke of Kent, but also for serving refreshments throughout the afternoon on our big Inshore Boathouse Opening Ceremony. The Rangers were fabulous and it really was the least we could do. Except there wasn't enough tide to get up the creek with both Lifeboats! So a Lifeboat crew where gathered and a presentation made at their Headquarters in Old Leigh. Our crew demonstrated the PPE we use and some very probing questions were fielded. Our crew were truly kept on their feet with such a well informed audience listening to every word.
The young ladies were certainly not phased by the pager technology we use - as our crewman Adam found out at 1:30 in the morning! His pager had been passed around the group and came back armed!! Just as well he needs the practice jumping out of bed.

The presentation ended with Group Skipper Karen Cruiks handing a cheque over to our Hovercraft Pilot Mike for the RNLI for £150 raised by selling cakes no less!
Thank you all very much for this and we hope (tide allowing!) that it is not too long before we can give you all a closer look at our Lifeboats.

Hovercraft Night Exercises

The Thursday night training crews are taking advantage of the early dark evenings and are putting our pilots through some night time flying.
Never has the phrase 'Use the Force Luke' been more appropriate. Deprived of many visual references, at night, the pilot really learns to 'feel' the craft hover.
This is best first practiced on safe smooth terrain, where rather than worry about geography, the pilot together with his observant crew, can practice balancing the craft out on the wind through making a series of turns.
15 mins of this can feel like an hour, so we rotate the pilots and it's true to say one learns just as much from watching others.
So if the weather is fine, and it's a Thursday night - Watch out for us going around in circles in the estuary.

Official Crew Photo Just Printed

Southend Lifeboat Crew Photo

The Official crew photo has just been printed and framed and now hangs proudly on the wall of our brand new Inshore boathouse.
Of course,getting absolutely everyone who should be in the photograph, is practically impossible, but we are so pleased that so many of our ranks were able to turn out for our Opening Ceremony back in July.
Already some of the crew in the shot have moved on whilst new volunteers have joined, such is the nature of life...boating!

Southend Busiest Coastal Station This Summer

Figures Just Out

The crews already knew as much but the boffins down in HQ can now officially confirm that this summer Southend was some 25% busier than last year!
Read the full Press Release here with comments from our Regional Operations Manager, Andrew Ashton.

Mud Rescue Exercise With Fire Brigade

September 2013

The Hovercraft crew was invited to take part in a multi-agency mud rescue scenario off Canvey Island.
Well we jumped at the chance because this kind of exercise is so beneficial to everyone who takes part.The good news was that being held in the summer gave the weather the best chance for us to field the hovercraft itself. On the downside was the real possibility of getting an actual Shout mid-Exercise and also of course to be considered was the getting a group of volunteer crew together for the Exercise in the middle of the school holidays.
Anyway a few emails and phone calls later the crew were arranged and the Exercise was on.
On the day a mud patch chosen that was particularly sticky and the Fire Brigade were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their mud mat 'stepping stone' technique to get to a mud bound casualty. When the Hovercraft parked up alongside nobody was left in any doubt as to how easy getting to the casualty scene our machine makes things.
It can make such a vital difference to get to a scene and not be worn out by just trying to get there (just ask any of our Lifeboat crew who have missed the buggy and had to cycle against the wind to get to the boathouse!).
The Exercise included some medical scenarios and a stretcher requirement thrown in just to get everyone thinking. All in all an extremely useful afternoon. But then of course back at station, long after our friends at Trumpton have washed down their mud mats and are making a brew, we were still washing down H-004 which would have taken ages! Thanks also to the Coastguard for taking part and we really hope it is not too long before we all meet up again for another joint Exercise. Photographs courtesy of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service.


Hovercraft on Countryfile

Julia Bradbury meets 'Captain' Whistler

Check out this recent episode of Countryfile where our very own newly promoted Michael Whistler talks to BBC tv's Julia Bradbury about the Hovercraft on the Broomway flats.

Busiest Weekend of the Year

Crews out all weekend.

The weekend duty Lifeboat crews were out all over the weekend as temperatures peaked on Sunday. A good show of sunshine always raises the likelihood of a shout. And so it was with the Hovercraft rescuing 27 people stranded on the sand around the Mulberry Harbour.
They couldn't be all taken on one trip so our Pilot had his work cut out ferrying loved ones back to shore.
Not to be out done though was the Atlantic 75 crew at the end of the Pier. They had a sinking Catamaran to contend with. All in a days work though for our crews. Even nicer to report was no injuries apart from possibly a little too much sun in some cases. We should not complain - should we!!

More SOS than SAS

Thursday night training

This was sent into website HQ by an obvious inside whistleblower from crew training night. We all thought here that training nights were meant to be about serious hard drilling of SAR operations. We now learn the truth. It turns out it is all nothing but one big mud fight. This total sham will be investigated further and if more evidence pictures comes to hand they will be published.

Sunday morning 19/5/13

Its not every Sunday morning that we get the opportunity to Exercise with not only our flank station Gravesend or Sea King 125 - let alone both at the same time!
And so it was on 19th May that our very good friends at Wattisham informed us that they could be in the area if we could get together a crew for a lifting scenario of a casualty with a broken leg from a floating vessel.
The Atlantic 75 played the part of the casualty vessel and Gravesend and Southend ILB2 were the 'RNLI' and observation platform for the combined Ex.
The Exercise ended with a formatting drill with the Helo running into the Easterly wind with the Lifeboats tracking underneath.
All in all an extemely big ask of my 300mm lens but a fantastic opportunity for all the crews involved.

Southend Lifeboat Ready for Action

The station is beginning to buzz now. It doesn't matter what day of the week you put your head in - you meet someone different every time!
Many of us for years now have been doing the various paperwork which goes into keeping a Lifeboat station afloat at home. Slowly these jobs are being done more and more on station, which can only be a good thing.
It means others can see just what is going on which is just what a volunteer station the size of Southend needs.